About Us

CV Canada Immigration LTD has grown to become a leading national and international immigration firm while remaining steeped in a culture with client service and teamwork as the cornerstones of all that we do. We develop, assemble and nurture the strongest and broadest array of immigration talent and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.

Tony Santiago

Principal Consultant

Our Principal Consultant has extensive experience in dealing with thousands of clients having been the first RCIC of the University of Alberta. He has an extensive private practice dealing with a wide range of immigration matters. Tony has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), M.A. in Conflict Resolution (Merit) as a Rotary World Peace Fellow and a Diploma in Immigration Consulting. (R509135)

Arturo Contreras

Business Operations

As the head of CV Canada Immigration in Canada & LATAM, Arturo is passionate about everything immigration and enjoys not only helping people to come to Canada but seeing that they get integrated into the country. Arturo a registered Agent by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Arturo has a Bachelor´s degree in Accounting and a Diploma in Immigration Consulting.

Viridiana Vazquez

Office Manager

Viridiana has a Bachelor´s degree in Law and is always open to help our customers and employees. She handles our company's management and applications details. Her experience in different type of industries are very helpful to our company and clients.